A Green Way to Say Goodbye: Environmentally Friendly Burial Options


Whether your recently deceased loved one clearly stipulated such a wish or you think it would be a fitting solution in line with their wishes, you might be considering natural burial options as a fitting send-off. Funeral directors are generally able to accommodate such a burial, but it might be that some specialist coffins might need to be ordered in advance. Some of these options very closely resemble a traditional burial, but with some key differences.

22 May 2018

Don't Want Funeral Directors To Prepare Your Loved One? Here's What You Can Do


Funeral directors are a crucial part of our end of life rites.  As part of the modern-day Australian culture, a funeral director handles most aspects of burial.  One critical role that they play is to prepare the body of the deceased for viewing and burial. Funeral directors use a lot of chemicals to prepare the body of the deceased.  What is acceptable nowadays in Australia, is for the dead to appear like they are still alive and just sleeping when viewed during the funeral.

8 January 2018

6 Services Offered by a Funeral Director


Losing a loved one can be very hard on those left behind. If you have recently had a close friend or family member pass away, you will be dealing with feelings a sadness, regret and the emotional pain associated with grief. While in this state, you will also need to organise the funeral service for your loved one so they can have the send off they deserve. Thankfully, funeral directors can help you to organise a funeral.

10 July 2017

Some Questions You Might Have About Funeral Services


When planning a funeral for someone else or pre-planning your own funeral, you may have questions about how such services are conducted and whether you can tailor these services to suit your own preferences and personality. While only a funeral director can tell you what choices and options are available and what will fit your own budget, note a few questions you might have about funeral services so you know what to discuss with him or her.

20 April 2017

What To Expect At A Lutheran Funeral


If you are not a religious person, attending the funeral of someone who did have a practising Lutheran faith can be a rather daunting thing to do. You may feel out of place or awkward in a religious setting if you're not sure what to do or how to behave. With this in mind, here's a helpful guide on what to expect at a Lutheran funeral. Research before the funeral

25 January 2017

Modern-Day Alternative Burial Options


As technology advances, more and more alternative burial options are available for loved ones who have passed away. The traditional burial is still very popular, but because of the large swaths of land this takes up, more space-efficient methods are being developed. Cremation Cremating the body is often a pre-cursor to many other alternative forms of burial. Whilst the average cremation service may be hired to burn the body and grind it into a fine dust for scattering or urns, others may be employed to prepare bodies for use in space burials and greener options that see human remains being turned into compost and used to grow trees.

30 November 2016

Memorial Table: How to Remember Those You Have Loved and Lost


If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be thinking about the best way you can offer them a funeral service that is both dignified and personalised. A memorial table is a great way of paying tribute to the deceased and also bringing comfort to those left behind. But what should you place on a memorial table? Below is a guide to things you could place on a memorial table at the funeral of a loved one.

26 August 2016