How to Avoid Suppressing Grief


When a loved one dies, it is very normal to experience intense sorrow, especially during the funeral. In order to heal from that loss, it is important that you grieve fully so that the healing process can begin. This article discusses how you can avoid suppressing grief.

Cry if You Want to

Different people grieve differently so you should not try to suppress your tears if you feel like crying. Some societies look at crying as a symbol of weakness but you should not let this thinking inhibit you. Crying is a good way to let your pain out so feel free to cry, even if that urge lasts for days. You will feel refreshed afterwards and that will be a positive step as you cope with the loss of your loved one.

Speak Freely About How You Feel

Another way to address grief is to say what you feel without any inhibition. If you are hurting, say so. Verbalize all your thoughts and feelings about the departed person, such as what that person meant to you, your last conversation with that person, and any other mutual experience that comes to mind. This verbalization is vital towards forming memories, and therefore moving on after the death of that person that you held dear.

Take Time to Be Alone

While it is good to socialize during a funeral, it is also necessary to take time and be alone. That time allows you to mourn your loved one privately without being interrupted by various tasks such as receiving people that have come to attend the funeral. That time alone also allows you to reflect on what the departed person meant to you, and how your life is going to change now that the person is gone. This reflection is very important since your mind starts coming up with coping mechanisms to bring your life back on course.

Grieve at Your Own Pace

Don't succumb to the "be strong" statements from others. Each individual has their own way and duration of grieving so never feel pressured to adjust to what others think is sufficient. You will emerge much stronger if you let the process of grieving to take its course without trying to quicken or cut it short.

It has always been said that anything you resist always persists. That is why you should surrender to your grief so that once it runs its course you are left renewed and ready to cope with life after the funeral. Follow the advice above and you will be strengthened by your grief.


17 April 2015

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