Memorial Table: How to Remember Those You Have Loved and Lost


If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be thinking about the best way you can offer them a funeral service that is both dignified and personalised. A memorial table is a great way of paying tribute to the deceased and also bringing comfort to those left behind. But what should you place on a memorial table? Below is a guide to things you could place on a memorial table at the funeral of a loved one.

Favourite Items

If your loved one had a favourite object or item that they loved, such as a pipe, watch or piece of jewellery, or clothing such as a tie or sweater, you could place this on the memorial table. If your loved one was a collector, you could incorporate some of their prized pieces. If they were into sports, you could consider placing their trophies and certificates on the table. If your loved one had a favourite type of candy that they liked, you could place a bowl on the table and ask mourners to help themselves. Placing these objects on the table will allow mourners to see what a rich life the deceased lived and what they found fulfilling and meaningful.

Memorial Stones

Memorial stones are a great way of making your memorial table interactive. Simply fill a bowl with small stones and place a selection of permanent markers next to it. Make a sign instructing mourners to choose a stone and to write their name and a brief message in honour of the deceased on it. The stones can be kept by the family as a memorial or they can be scattered at a location which was meaningful to the person who has passed away.


If the deceased had a favourite type of tree or flower, you could place packets of seeds on the memorial table and invite mourners to take them away and plant them. This is a great way of remembering your loved one and of ensuring that they continue to live on in other people's lives even though they have passed away.


Displaying favourite photographs of the deceased is a great way of celebrating their life. Choosing photographs which show them at different ages can help mourners who have known them at different stages of their life remember them.

If you have any questions about setting up a memorial table at your loved one's funeral service, you should contact a funeral director, such as one found at Caring Funerals.


26 August 2016

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