What To Expect At A Lutheran Funeral


If you are not a religious person, attending the funeral of someone who did have a practising Lutheran faith can be a rather daunting thing to do. You may feel out of place or awkward in a religious setting if you're not sure what to do or how to behave.

With this in mind, here's a helpful guide on what to expect at a Lutheran funeral.

Research before the funeral

The majority of religious funerals are held in places of worship and follow the traditions of the particular faith of the person who has died.

Carrying out some research beforehand into the customs of the faith concerned can help you to feel comfortable and at ease when you attend. You will be able to act respectfully and appropriately on the day, without risking offending any of the other mourners.

Lutheran funerals

Lutheran funerals usually include worship in a church setting with the coffin and deceased present. The minister overseeing the service is called the 'pastor'.

During the service, there will be hymns, a litany, Old and New Testament readings, a reading from one of the Gospels, the Apostle's Creed, and the Lord's Prayer.

An important part of the service is the taking of Holy Communion. This is open to everyone at the service, not just for regular communicants. There may be many other people attending the service who are unconnected with the deceased.

Tributes and eulogies

Eulogies are generally not delivered at a Lutheran funeral service, because Lutherans believe in salvation by grace, rather than based on what the deceased has done during their life. However, you may still be asked to deliver a tribute, which simply contains details about the deceased's life of faith. The pastor will help you to prepare a tribute if you are asked to give one.

After the funeral

Rather than a funeral wake, Lutheran funerals are often followed by a formal luncheon or reception. An event like this allows the mourners to deliver their own further tributes or eulogies if they wish, which may be helpful if many of the deceased's relatives and friends are not Lutheran practitioners themselves.

Dress code

There is no formal dress code for Lutheran funerals. You may choose to wear black if you wish or simply a smart suit and a black tie for men. Sometimes the deceased will leave specific guidelines as to what they would like mourners to wear at their funeral.

In conclusion

If you are invited to attend the funeral of a person who followed the Lutheran faith, you now know what to expect. For more advice and guidance, have a chat with the funeral director or the pastor at the church where the funeral service is to be held.


25 January 2017

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