6 Services Offered by a Funeral Director


Losing a loved one can be very hard on those left behind. If you have recently had a close friend or family member pass away, you will be dealing with feelings a sadness, regret and the emotional pain associated with grief. While in this state, you will also need to organise the funeral service for your loved one so they can have the send off they deserve. Thankfully, funeral directors can help you to organise a funeral. Below is a guide to some of the services offered by funeral directors. 

Preparing the body

A professional funeral director is trained to clean and prepare the body for burial. This may include washing the body, embalming to prevent decay and the application of makeup so that your loved one looks their best in an open casket.

Viewing the Body

Seeing the body of a loved one before they are buried or cremated can be an important part of the grieving process. A funeral director will typically place a body in their chapel of rest. This allows you and your family and friends to visit the deceased to say a final goodbye before the day of the funeral.

Filing Paperwork

When someone dies, there are official forms and other paperwork which must be completed. Completing this task when you are in the midst of grief can be difficult. A professional funeral service can assist you in preparing newspaper notices and filing documents with the registrar's office.

Planning Transport

As well as transporting the body of the deceased in a hearse, the funeral director is also responsible for providing transport to the immediate family and very close friends of the person who has passed away. This will normally take the form of a special funeral car which is like a limousine. 

Providing Refreshments 

If you plan to meet at the funeral home before the funeral service, the majority of funeral directors will provide tea, coffee and other refreshments to those who are attending the funeral. This can help the mourners to prepare for the day ahead.

Arranging Music 

If there is a particular song you want to play at the funeral of a loved one, the funeral director can arrange for this track to be played as the coffin is being lowered into the ground or taken away to the crematorium.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by a funeral director, you should contact a funeral home near you.


10 July 2017

Lingering Melody: Funerals That Truly Commemorate  Your Loved One

Irving Berlin famously sang, "The song is ended, but the melody lingers on..." Anyone who has been in charge of funeral arrangements knows the importance of striking the delicate balance between reverence and celebration which helps us remember the true heart of a person. We admire incredible examples of funerals that faithfully commemorate a person's life such as those for Nelson Mandela and Joan Rivers. Unfortunately, funerals for our own loved ones often end up being generic or "cookie cutter" because sadness overwhelms us. This blog is designed to help by outlining the ways that funeral directors can personalise a service and providing imaginative ideas.